the best old movies for the best summer movie nights

1. When you want to be inspired and appreciate some good music

across_the_universe_003-1024x680ACROSS THE UNIVERSE

This is my absolute favourite movie. Although it isn’t actually that old, this British-American musical, set in the late sixties, is centered around the works of The Beatles and contains a soundtrack of so many original compositions. Reshaping our typical modern day romance plotline, this movie follows the most epic and edgy romantic story that parallels to the gritty and raw reality of the Vietnam War, which is occurring at the time. Full of surreal graphics, hippy vibes and visual effects that defined the sixties, this film is a literal arty, musical masterpiece . WATCH THIS NOW.

2. When you need to be reminded exactly why Marilyn Monroe was the sexiest woman of her time



This 1959 American Comedy will literally make you fall in love with Marilyn, your curves and laugh the shitty special effects that they had back then. The plot itself is entertaining also, so you definitely need to watch this is if you are a fan of old classics.

3. When you want to watch a classic horror 

psychoPSYCHO (1960)

Alfred Hitchcock is literally a genius director and set the bar high for all horror movies that followed this one. Although you may cringe at the dated special effects, the plot is actually original (compared to the other modern day horror movie trash) and this makes for a super good choice for your next movie night. 

4. If you want to be overwhelmed by wanderlust and the need to escape our lame modern day society

into-the-wild2INTO THE WILD 

Again, this one isn’t exactly old, but it definitely is gold. Christopher McCandless graduates from university with the opportunity of embarking on a prestigious and profitable career but instead he chooses to give his savings to charity and set out into the Alaskan wilderness, leaving behind all his possessions. Not only has this movie got some super important morals but it also has a wicked sound track by Eddie Vedder. This is definitely one of the best movies I have ever watched. It stays with you for a long time.

5. When you need to appreciate Audrey Hepburn, her killer eyebrows and natural beauty



This 1953 film is both a comedy and a romance and is a must see if you’re a fan of Audrey. Audrey Hepburn plays a misfit royal princess who runs away from her embassy in Rome. She falls asleep on a bench, where a reporter, Jo Bradley, oblivious to her royalty, takes her in for the night. Since it’s a romance, you can guess what happens next (hint: they fall in love and go on adventures all around Rome). It has a really clever ending too, so I would praise this movie for being both clever and slightly mushy at times.

6. When you are in need of an old school chick flick to watch and fall in love with


Although the entire female population has probably already seen this film, this 1999 romantic comedy is literally a movie you can never get tired of, that and the fact that the beautiful Heath Ledger is in it (!!). 

7. If you love the 1970’s fashion, music and vibes

almost_famous_1600x900ALMOST FAMOUS

Although at times cringe worthy, this comedy drama is seriously the coolest if you love the 70’s and everything that it entails. Think flares, mini skirts and clashing prints. So, so cool. 


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