five vintage outfits that you can thrift yourself

Living in a small, judgemental town can be the most irritating thing. Not only do bad reputations and harsh comments spread quickly, but we become literal clones of one another and originality becomes scarce. I am in no way a high fashion expert, (the 76 cents in my bank account is really to blame for me missing out on the latest RUBY pieces and all the funky Karen Walker sunglasses) but we are suffocating in white converse, lonely hearts long sleeves and the new breed of the New York Yankees caps beginning to emerge on our high street.

**I sound like I’m adding to the judgement, so I am sorry if I have offended anyone. Owning any of those items (and I am guilty of harbouring my own mainstream supply of t-shirts too) is by no means a bad thing, it probably just means you either have funds or that’s just simply what you dig.** 

This year I have decided to care no more and literally embrace my passions, interests and now share them/bore you with them too. In order to encourage and inspire originality, I have put together five super cheap, super unique and super rad outfits that I have found in local thrift stores myself. Fashion does not have to be expensive or mainstream to be accepted or considered cool. Be as weird and as wacky with it as you would like to be, and I can assure you that you’ll save money, have more fun and look like no other. I hope you find even a small spark of inspiration to break the boring and overkilled fashion trends and bring back some super cool street style.


IMG_2429My favourite casual look at the moment is a big baggy printed t-shirt paired with my Levi denim shorts and my worn out Nike Air Forces. All were miraculously found by either me or my sister on an Op-shop outing. Seriously you can’t go wrong with a somewhat ugly/somewhat super funky tourist t-shirt, even with some unknown or undesirable location on it. That’s what makes it original (!!). If you can’t find any good denim shorts for this look, cutting a pair of well-fitting jeans will give you the look you’re after. The chance of finding funky shoes and them also being in your size has a similar likelihood of you winning the lottery, but it does, and can happen. Try looking in slightly more upmarket/in town thrift stores like Recycle Boutique for shoes, as they are more likely to be in better condition (as these stores can reject unsellable items) and a more flattering and funky style.



This is a super easy, super vintage chic outfit and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. These silk dresses can be found in the dress or even the pyjama section of any op-shop as they are often originally night dresses (kinda gross but whatever, they look cool), plus look awesome paired with any old brown belts you find. Metallic shades like gold create the best vintage look that can be both cool and casual or classy enough for a night out so definitely grab that spare change and invest in one right now (!!).



If you don’t dig dungarees, honestly there’s something seriously wrong with you. This outfit makes for the funkiest everyday look is still super affordable. Hunting for a perfect pair of dungarees is no easy feat, but a fair share of us have got lucky and are now living proof that it can happen. I always prefer full length dungarees, but shorter legged dungarees are still so rad and are more practical for summer. As for the turtlenecks, seriously don’t be afraid to grab a shocking mustard shade or any colour that resembles something near to vomit – If you can rock it then it will rock! Just be daring and embrace that geeky high-necked look.



I seriously just love to encase myself in the fur that thrift stores harbour. Although they can be pricey or must-scented, where else would you find the most rad and fluffy jackets? For a chic sixties look pairing fur and crushed velvet tanks or mini skirts are seriously the coolest combination. Think red lipstick, leather boots and silver jewellery and you’re basically sussed for a good night out looking like a classy sixties chick.



I love the nineties hip-hop fashion and everything that era entailed. That is probably also why I think people look so wicked in classic adidas tracksuits, old school sneakers and baggy sporty shirts. It’s seriously the look to go for when you don’t give a shit but at the same time you actually do give a shit about being ultra comfy and looking rad at the same time. Find a retro cap to finish off this old school fashion masterpiece and you’ll soon find yourself looking fresher than Will Smith himself back in Bel-Air.


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