six sweet treats from the sixties

My mother is a bit of a hoarder, a trait which I have seemingly inherited also. I, as many people would, first saw this as an undesirable attribute to have. However, my intense love of dated, authentic items that fill my house’s bookshelves, wardrobes and drawers has made me appreciate that the strong attachment and long-term possession of old vintage goodies may actually be one of the best quirks in my character.

This year one of my resolutions was to spend more time cooking, baking and just creating good food at home. Upon rifling through recipe books, I found my mum’s ancient, but beautiful old cookbook – it was published in 1969(!) so she would’ve been too young to even read when she got it. I praise her now for holding on to it, and you will too if you decide to make any of these tasty treats. Get baking and fill your kitchen with the popular scents of the sixties with these modern takes on the original yummy recipes, inspired by her little cookbook. Happy cooking!



Butterfly cupcakes are seriously the cutest kind of cupcake you’ll ever eat! Orange, chocolate and vanilla flavour topped with jam were popular in the sixties. Ask your parents what their favourite was, they’ll probably be overwhelmed by nostalgia if you ever bake these. Here is a modernised recipe for some delicious and dainty Chocolate Butterfly Cakes.


Such an easy, yummy and different treat to make anytime! Toffee Apples are becoming a thing of the past, with brownies and slices taking over the baking scene. Bring them back because in just twenty minutes you can have crunchy toffee apples setting in your fridge! Find a simple but crazy good recipe here.


Move over macaroons! These shortbread-like treats were an iconic presence in any sixties kitchen. Easy, quick and very rewarding, these little treats are perfect for a vintage inspired baking afternoon. Find the recipe here, you won’t regret it (!).


A real vintage classic that is both easy and can be made with so many different flavour infusions! I am a massive fan of Coffee Fudge Cake, it’s so evil but yet so good. You can find heaps of vintage cake recipes, including a wicked fudge cake right here!


Butterscotch was around way before the sixties, but came increasingly popular in that era. It is such a simple but crazy good treat that us 21st century teenagers have really missed out on! Try this highly recommended Old English Butterscotch right now.


Growing up, I have literally devoured thousands of fluffy raspberry buns, smeared with pink icing. However, this common treat has evolved from a very different form. Here is the original recipe, which I think is even better than our modern day version (you can thank me later).


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