new discoveries that we all need in our life

I love new things. New people, new clothes, new music – the list is endless really. So in the off chance that any of you share a common love of new things, you’ve really lucked out. I have put together some of my new (and awesome) discoveries that I believe will make your life that little bit cooler.

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Who else remembers these old things from your childhood? Ever since our world has gone digital I really think that we’ve lost something in the photography scene. Yes, we have crazy good quality and convenience, but remember the satisfaction and surprise of printing your own images from disposable film? Physical photographs are and always will be a million times cooler than any online image. The soft, hazey images these cameras produce are so wicked. For something so cheap and entertaining these cameras are definitely well worth the investment!


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With content as awesome as their name, this magazine was a lucky discovery of mine this summer. Pages filled with the best photography, fashion and provoking articles on undiscovered artists and ethical labels, this is both a beautiful and cleverly crafted magazine.

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Another beautiful pile of glossed pages, BLACK Magazine is crammed with the most striking images and is dedicated to revealing the creative world of fashion, art and photography. The coolest thing about it is that it is a New Zealand magazine, so for a little country it proves how capable we are of producing beautiful works just like BLACK Magazine.


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This is more of a rediscovery, but I am so thankful that I kept hold of my walkman and my parent’s collection of old 80’s cassette tapes. It’s seriously the coolest thing to lie on you bed with those weird, ugly head phones on and listen to some hits from Madonna and David Bowie. Thrift and antique stores sell these as junk nowadays if you don’t already own one. They are a blast from the past that make the iPhone seem soulless.


image source


I’ve finally upgraded my homemade glass jar terrariums to a large glass bowl to house all of my precious cacti. It’s one of the coolest additions for your room and you can easily purchase any round bowl-like vases or candle holders from a home wear store for a super easy and awesome look. Adding glitter, layering sand and stones adding figurines or shells are all ways you can have the most beautiful little garden right on your bookshelf.


image source


The magazines and media are finally picking up on the beautiful and talented Laura Doggett. Her voice is faultless and has such a soft, unique and epic sound that the world needs to hear (!!).

image source


A new habit that we all should put in to practice. Waking and sleeping at the same time everyday is not only beneficial for your circadian rhythm but will also leave you more energised and helps maintain and lose weight (!). Although it’s a little daunting on the weekends, it has worked so well for me so far and you fall into a pattern knowing you’ll always be up to seize the day bright and early.


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My favourite new snack with my daily coffee is hands down a freshly baked banana bread. I have also become addicted to other varieties such as ginger and apple& cinnamon loaves, they aren’t exactly the #fitspo fix you’re looking for, but your taste buds will thank you (!). Being so simple and quick to bake makes these breads a delicious and convenient treat.


image source


I am obsessed with murder mysteries. And the best murder mysteries of all time come from the queen Agatha Christie. Seriously though, the plot lines were created by her so long ago that they are fully original, gripping and still such an awesome watch. If you get hooked on unsuspected murders and clever plot twists, any of her films are well worth your screen time.


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