endless summer

Quick. Grab it by the hand before it leaves us for good. As we near the end of the month, it also means we near the end of Summer, for those of us in the southern hemisphere anyway.

I guess like the saying goes, “it’s not goodbye – it’s see you later.” But c’mon, let’s be real here. Nine months is a long time to be separated by our favourite, paradisiacal time of the year.

So let’s hold on to Summer. And may we keep it with us all year around.

Here are some cool tips and tricks I have discovered, in order to help the world live in a beautiful, endless summer.

arctic-monkeys-box-cd-cds-Favim.com-907195.jpgimage source


If you had your favourite tunes blaring from the radio on the way to the beach all Summer, why stop now? Don’t let the daunting prospect of work consume you. Blast those summery beats as often as possible, and feel the positivity take over.

Click here for my (epic) summer playlist.

Faux-plants-Warehouse-Home-e1436433260737image source

Funk up your junk: 

What your house or room looks like has a massive effect on your mood. So why not brighten it up and you’ll find yourself into reminiscing those summer days, all over again.

By new succulents, DIY yourself some hanging pot plants with colourful rope, or even paint empty canned vegetable cans some pretty pastel hues to make new homes for your cacti.

I also love burning fresh-scented candles all year round, my favourite being lemon grass, to ensure your mind and your body remains on vacation.

tumblr_inline_mhkfn2guys1qz4rgp.pngimage source

No such thing as a “Winter Wardrobe”:

Don’t subside to the black and white winter trends. Don’t do it. Keep feeling beachy and free by wearing your favourite singlets and t-shirts with denim jackets or floaty dresses with fur. As for the footwear, I’m a sneaker girl, so these are (thankfully) useful and just as rad all year round.

tumblr_inline_nv7lct4CLn1tdvci2_540image source

Stay a Bronze Beach Babe (!):

Put your hands up if winter reminds you of pale, hairy legs? Yup. We females sure do slack off in the colder months.

Laugh if you want to, but seriously I live by fake tan. I am fearful of looking old and wrinkly sooner than I have to so I am forced to brown myself with lotions rather than the sun. ECO TAN is my favourite brand currently and it looks really natural and is streak free. Plus you will look as bronzed as Pamela Anderson, ALL YEAR ROUND.

Vacation Planning (ASAP):

Luckily for me, I have a vacation to the tropics in a few months, to take my mind of my diminishing freedom. To keep you in a positive, summery head space, plan a trip away. Whether it’s a weekend to the beach in winter (which is actually the BEST), an international adventure or a road trip away with your friends, all of these will give you something to look forward to and remind you that it is still possible to have fun, whatever the weather.

Summer snacks: 

Don’t go into hibernation, maintain your diet of fresh food no matter what the season. Eat seasonal fresh fruits, drink cold smoothies for breakfasts and these yummy “mocktails” with dinner.


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