how to become a morning person

We aren’t all Morning Larks in this world.

Yes, I’ll admit that I am a rare case. I am someone who would much rather be in a perfect bubble bath, listening to soothing tunes and diving into bed as soon as possible, rather than someone who lives to be awake at 4am.

Personally, I believe being a “morning person” has some extremely good perks and sets me up to seize the day, whilst the rest of you are still concealed from the world by layers of blankets and cursed by the urge to press the snooze button, 27 times.

I get it that people hate mornings. I too find my bed so much warmer and more friendly than the tantalising prospect of school, work or even just being awake for the next 12+ hours.

In attempt to make mornings more bearable (for those Night Owls amongst us) or simply to maximise and enjoy them even more, here are some tips of how to start your day, in the best way possible.

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Wake Up Call: ahh, let’s reminisce the lovely chime of your morning alarm. So much negativity and angst is hurled towards that poor little machine. Let’s shift our mindset, and see the once dreaded bleeping of your alarm clock as a little motivation machine, letting you know that a new day is ready for you. I personally set my alarm to a song, one that I find motivates me and sets me in high spirits (as high as they can be after being interrupted in the middle of a good dream). And as for when, set your alarm (at least) two hours before you plan on being somewhere. Whether it’s school, work or a brunch date, this will guarantee that there is no last minute rushing and that you are fully alert and ready to engage.

Immediate To-Do’s: We all do mornings differently, but one thing that is proven to not help anyone’s a.m. blues is snuggling further under the covers, in denial that it is daylight. Personally I have found the best cure for the daily “bed break up” routine is to say goodbye swiftly, and jump out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off. (By having your alarm or phone on the other side of the room makes it impossible to press snooze and resume dreaming.) Instead of scrolling through social media for 20 minutes, go straight to your immediate must-do’s like washing your face or drinking a big glass of water.

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Exercise: Yes, this does sound like a drag. But yes, this is important. First make sure you’re hydrated, and then go an pound the pavement for 30 minutes. Whether it’s a morning jog, yoga class or core session, this will get your blood flowing and your body feeling awake and ready for the day ahead. Plus, morning exercise is awesome as it means you’ve done your hard yards for the day, before everyone else is barely waking up.

Post Sweat-Session Snack: Once you have fulfilled my #fitspo exercise advice, it is important to have a high protein snack immediately after your workout (you can have this before too if you have enough time to let it digest). I personally love smoothies, and cram 97359846590 grams of goodness into mine everyday. Here are some yummy ideas:

Date, Banana + Peanut Butter Smoothie

Banana, Blueberries, Oats, Yoghurt + Honey Smoothie

Green Smoothie with Spinach, Coconut Water, Pineapple and Banana

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Get Organised: Now is your time to shower, get ready and sort out your sh*t for the day ahead. Leave everything you know you’ll need out the night before to avoid turning your bedroom upside down in a hurry to find your left shoe that you need for work. Don’t dawdle either. It’s important that you keep on that high energy buzz right up until you leave the house. Sleep is for the weak remember. Well, not really, but chances are you’ve had enough.

Breakfast Time: AKA The Best Time. No matter how tired, grumpy or full you may feel, this is the meal that sets you up for the day, so eat. A lot. Here are my favourite breakfasts, for lazy Sundays or fast-paced Mondays, it’s important to prepare your body well everyday.

Avocado on Toast. Click here for some delicious variations.

Quinoa Porridge + Berries. Yum.

Two egg Omelette

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So that’s it. Your guide to having the best morning possible. Embrace it and find a routine that sticks. See you at sunrise.


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