weird but wonderful weekend ideas

We all need our weekly pick-me-ups, right?

As we get stuck into the year, our everyday routine most likely has evolved from daily beach trips or summer festivals to waking up early and learning about chemical reactions or classic novels that we all have 0 interest for.

But hey, I’m not here to be pessimistic and stuff, but I do think that we can all agree that having an exciting date or occasion marked on your calendar makes you feel so much more enlightened and more tolerable of all the bad shit in our lives (aka hard work). So to revive the excitement in our presently dull lives, here are some fun things to do in your weekends or any spare time you have – because let’s face it, our freedom is sadly fading.


image source

Build a fort with your favourite person.

Whether it’s inside or out, big or small, this is the cutest and cosiest idea. Cue a laptop with your favourite old movies, homemade popcorn and hot chocolates with mini marshmallows and you’ve sussed your Saturday. Probably your Sunday too.


image source

Organise a clothes swap with your best friends.

If you are a thrift shop queen like myself, you’ll know just how awesome it feels to score a killer outfit for less than the price of a latte. So my second hands lovers, here is a rad idea (!). Organise a group of your friends to get together (the more the better in this case) and each bring a few items of clothing that you don’t wear anymore. This is both a fun and ethical way to score new threads, by trading clothes you are saving your bank account and the planet (so basically, you’re awesome).

image source


Rediscover how much fun being creative is, we have slowly replaced our childhood finger painting for technology and with that, we have lost a great deal of creative freedom.

Get some friends together and buy some cheap paints and then tackle a canvas, flower pot or even a piece of furniture. Liven up you junk (or even your soul – ooh) by releasing your inner artist that has been locked away for all those years.


image source

Make a collaborative playlist.

I love listening to other peoples music, it can be so fresh and inspiring. Whether it’s on Spotify or even an actual old fashioned CD disk, collaborate with you friends and make an awesome and diverse playlist filled with all your own faves. It’s something that will sound awesome and you will keep with you forever.


image source

Cook a super nice meal.

Cooking and class don’t usually mix for most of us, but why not have a crack at sophistication. Invite your friends round for dinner and each be in charge of a course (I’m feeling Master Chef vibes). Set your table with candles, play some good tunes and create a delicious and edible masterpiece for you and your favourite people.



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