5 winter ways with Lazy Oaf

hello southern hemisphere-ers!

This one’s for you.

It’s starting to get colder, gloomier and a lot more depressing (unless you are part of the select few who love winter as it’s an excuse to be lazy). And one thing that I struggle with is dressing for this fierce weather; (que the howling winds, crisp mornings or random showers we sometime experience in little New Zealand). So, instead of walking around wrapped in a blanket and sporting some pink fluffy slippers, let’s all make an effort to be grungy fashion gurus, all winter long.

Here’s how with 5 winter pieces inspired by Lazy Oaf.



Invest in a denim jacket.

Get rid of that green fleece right now! Out with the daggy cardigans too. Denim is the easiest way to look wicked all wintertime, whilst still being super practical. Easy to thrift and spice up with patches like this one from Lazy Oaf, a trusty denim jacket will have you looking bomb until the sun decides to return.



Denim for days.

Yes more denim. But seriously, what is cooler in the winter than dungarees or comfy boyfriend jeans? You can thrift these easily for cheap or buy these beauties here at Lazy Oaf. Pair with bright t-shirts and sneakers for a cosy and classic look.

lazy oaf x the ragged priest 6


Keep it colourful.

Brighten up your clothing with funky patches. Yes, stick them everywhere and anywhere. Super cheap, super awesome, what’s not to love?? You can buy patches like the above at Lazy Oaf right here. And check out their other pastel pretties too while you’re at it.



Feet deserve to feel pretty too.

Whilst everyone else is looking miserable in their all-grey-get-up, there’s you with funky and free spirited looking feet. Brighten up your scruffy sneakers and make the footpath a happier place, one step at a time. These socks range from $4-20 pp and you can find them online here.



Layer on the layers.

Yes, sheer tops and dresses aren’t the usual fashion item that comes to mind when thinking of winter outfits. However, layering is the best way to look both snuggly and stylish in the colder months. You can wear sheer tops over bralettes or crops and throw a fur coat or denim jacket over top, plus can find these for only a few dollars at thrift stores. If you like this one, you can buy it here.



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