New Music Monday: Glass Animals

So I have decided that I shall make this a Lupus&Luna tradition.

Music is a big thing for me and I am so passionate about all of you rad people having your ears blessed with only the best of tunes. Therefore I have decided that every Monday, I will post a new (or maybe old) and talented artist with any juicy details that I believe are quite necessary.

So here it is, the very first New Music Monday.

And what better way to begin than with my forever-faithful-favourite band, Glass Animals.



Life Itself. 

Yes I’ll admit it’s a little different. A very new sound, but hey change may be scary, but sometimes it’s freaking good, and here’s cold hard proof of that.

On my second listen I already had memorised every lyric as I danced around brushing my teeth in the morning, hips shaking, limbs flailing, probably (definitely) looking awful but really I couldn’t care less, I love these guys.

If you want a mixture of funky drum and wood instrumental with a modernised up beat twist, check this baby out. And please, please, if you have any money and any sense, go to their world tour. You’ll make me envious forever.

Find it on youtube here.

Thank me later. Xx


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