live, don’t just exist

Lately my life has been a little crazy.

I have been more emotional, disorganised, messy, spontaneous and creative. I am trying new things, seeing new places, screwing things up, cooking different food and changing my fashion; all, just because I want to.

I have had a flame burning inside my soul for a little while now, and I feel like I’m finally coming into my own.

This post is in response to EventBrite‘s movement, Getting Out More Often, or GOMO which is aiming to replace the horrible, incarcerating, wrath of FOMO – fear of missing out – for good.

This struck a huge chord with me. I have spent too many of my teenage years feeling unhappy, withdrawn, or discontent with life around me. I would often see Instagram posts of my friends having fun together, people visiting exotic locations or celebrities raving at colourful festivals and events, that I began to view my life as less and less satisfying. I was a self-conscious, angsty teenager that suffered major FOMO, a lot of the time.

You can’t blame social networks, your friends, celebrities or the media for making you feel boring or dissatisfied with your life. It is only when we realise that the problem lies within ourselves, that it can be fixed.

So yes, I have embraced GOMO. I have started living. We waste so many hours trawling through social media wishing we could be somewhere else, someone else, far too often. We are gifted with this crazy, exciting life, but too many of us never completely unwrap it.

Go outside. Breathe. Appreciate.

Ring your friends up and go for a walk. Climb up and hill and just stop for a minute or two to soak in and consider the view. You’ll see things you never saw by just looking that little bit closer.


Set up fairy lights in your garden with a table and chairs and cook a nice dinner for someone special. Cue some soft tunes and cosy rugs. This is probably, definitely, the coolest date night ever.

Go out and get coffee, by yourself. Just sit there, with no phone and no one else and just think. You’ll realise how our constant attachment to our phones and devices blocks all of our powerful and creative thoughts. Appreciate them, doodle, let your mind drift.


Take a cute picnic to the beach in the day. Get each friend to bring a plate; think club sandwiches, cupcakes and coffee. Or go at night with a bundle of blankets and sparklers to stargaze.

Go camping with your favourite bunch of people. Leave your phones at home, take infinite amounts of blankets and pillows, roast marshmallows, tell your childhood stories, sing together badly.


Buy some plants. Flowers, succulents, cacti, whatever. Go and find some beautiful plants and spend the day potting them in glass jars with glitter and gemstones. They’ll make you feel so happy whenever you look at them.

Check out EventBrite for events near you or create your own

There are no limits. You’ll realise that by disconnecting from everyone else’s lives you can find so much happiness in your own. Get out and get living.

Be your own authentic self, and live your own authentic life.

Feel complete. We have everything we need, we just forget to appreciate it.

We are all human beings, we all exist.

Let’s be the ones that live.



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