if they rain on your parade, shine on their’s

I hate to post negative stuff, but I need to vent. Forgive me.
I have hit breaking point with with the small-minded city I live in, filled with boring clones with catty and ignorant opinions. I need to rant about this. I am so over b*tches and the general negativity they bring.

I am ready to elope and live an authentic, crazy life with no fear of judgement or suppression.

So why do we allow people to belittle us, degrade us, walk all over us? I can’t believe how much of a pushover I once let myself become, it is frustrating even thinking about what I’ve put up with in my teenage years alone. I’m not here to cause conflict, but now that I’ve figured myself out, I am the most determined and strong-willed than I have ever been.

Firstly, this is a message to the b*tches. I have pushed away a lot of people this year, lost old friends, and actually, I am glad of it. Screw all that toxic shit, I want to live purely. But to you, you judgemental, harsh and blinded few, go find yourself. Be yourself. Stop chasing other people’s dreams and celebrate and relish in who you are. Too often your unkindness stems from your own insecurities and uncertainty.

And then, to all the colourful, creative people who make this world that much more wild. Thank you for being the life and soul of society. Keep being authentic, kind and crazy. The world needs you – help it. When others rain on your parade, shine on their’s. Never, Ever, let anyone else’s opinion determine your self worth. You are as rad as you want to be.

Compassion is key. Love yourself. Love the world.

There is no place for unkindness here. Xx



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