25 things i want to achieve before i’m 25

I was talking to someone yesterday about my frustrations with life, and how, as a young adolescent, we are shown and told a road map of how it should be, what the meaning of life is and the certain ideals that we must try and obtain.

Go to university, become a doctor or a lawyer, get married, buy a house, pay taxes, start a family… and then regret everything because you followed someone else’s dreams instead of your own(?!).

Don’t get me wrong, I personally would be the biggest hypocrite if I said I thought that was a bad plan, but what I am trying to get at is that it doesn’t have to be your plan. I wouldn’t say that I am “anti the system” or anything at all, but I do feel and believe that society puts so much pressure on us to become these perfect puppets, which operate only by the strings of a successful career, love life and family.

But we are more than a possible puppet, we are radical human beings with a heart pacing rapidly inside our chest, pumping adrenaline through our veins at the thought of seeing, exploring and creating the new and unknown. We have the potential to carve our own paths, so, let’s do it. Shake off society’s expectations and feel only the weight of freedom on your back.

Here’s a crazy list of things I want to achieve before I turn twenty-five. Yes, it seems like years away, but why not live out those years being true to my creative callings and achieving things because I want to, not because society thinks I should.

1. Grow my blog and what it stands for. Keep spreading encouragement through this platform for people to lead authentic and crazy lives.

2. Write a novel.

I’m not sure why, but this really appeals to me. I love writing and regurgitating my wild thoughts for you all to read. I guess writing a short narrative would allow me to be as creative as I wished, but would give me a project to persevere with and something to be proud of at the end.

3. Live in a third world country.

I am fascinated and empowered by the third world. The environment and the people inspire me more than anything I’ve ever come across before. It is a place of purity, happiness and gratitude, and to immerse myself in a place like that would mend my soul in so many ways.

4. Give up social media for at least a month.

This would be so tough, but so cleansing.

5. Write/style for a magazine.

6. Volunteer in a third world country.

7. Invest in an expensive but beautiful old camera.

8. Run a half marathon.

This probably sounds so cliche and basic, Hah. But really, now that I’ve basically retired from most of my competitive sports, dedicating myself to training for something and seeing an end result would definitely be a rewarding experience.

9. Learn a new language.

10. Create more.

In every way. Sometimes I think that the only reason that I don’t pick up a paintbrush or doodle is simply because of the fear of judgement, from both myself and others. Being creative and drawing out your inner thoughts and crazy little ideas really appeals to me. We all need to do it more often.

11. Earn enough money to pay for my parents to go on holiday.

After years of putting up with me, this would be the best way to say thank you.

12. Organise a charity event.

13. Attend Coachella and Glastonbury.

14. See Glass Animals Live.

15. Travel the world with somebody.

Because seeing incredible landscapes, tasting insane food and exploring the unknown is so much better when there’s someone to share all that happiness with.

16. Keep writing my thoughts in my journal.

17. Find a penpal.

And keep handwriting, cute stickers and doodles alive!

18. Work in a dainty little coffee shop in the middle of London.

19. Dive with Great White Sharks.

20. Master winged eyeliner.

And basically just makeup in general (!)

21. Become a flexible yoga girl.

Because how cool would it be to still be able to touch your toes when you’re like sixty three (!!!)

22. Buy a cute Kombi van or similar, road trip for an entire summer.

23. Become the kind of person that never says a bad word about anyone.

24. Create/start up a groovy little event.

25. Finally feel completely comfortable and content with who I am. No more self doubt. 



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