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This month I have been really drawn to pretty and intricate swimwear, which lead to my latest post, the swimwear edit. Covering my favourite brands from Bāmba, Rat&Boa and even the crazy and colourful Madalynn Swimwear range, there are countless edgy, rad pieces for you to discover.



Yes, my absolute all-time forever favourites are featuring yet again, (but for valid reasons of course.)

Their new album How To Be A Human Being is out now and has all the well known favourites from Gooey to Hazey, but also so wicked new sounds including the singles Life Itself and Youth.

If you like Alt-J and any whimsical and weird music that keeps you humming and happy all day then this is the band for you. Honestly you will want to marry all four of them, they are that cool.


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I never really post about food, probably because my diet is uncatergotised and falls into the realms of either “hard-core fitspo salad eater” or “I just binged on three KitKats and a packet of m&ms”, you see there is just no in between.

However I did go overseas recently and found myself eating smashed avo, twice a day almost everyday. I returned and weirdly missed it a lot, so I have answered my cravings with the discovery of this tasty little recipe, which you should check out here.



I had a crazy epiphany this month and decided that it was time that I decluttered my life, eliminating a lot of bullsh*t and bitches in the process. If you haven’t  already, my post inspired by Chloë Sevigny has been my drive this past month and it is full of inspiration on how to live an authentic life and embrace the skin you’re in.


Blog collaborations, wicked give aways and dainty DIY ideas all coming up this month. Xx



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