#girrrrrlcrush: a series of great gals

Sicker than your average, let’s talk #girlcrushes

I, like every girl who desperately tries to avoid the “fangirl” label, would be extremely hypocritical if I said I don’t have a secret love and admiration for certain public figures.

Now that we are being honest, I’ll admit it. There are hundreds of wicked celebrities that I so desperately want to be friends with. So here I am, like a five year old, sharing my “crush”. And maybe we can “fangirl” together, and you know, gossip about our love for them together or something – I’d like that. 

Girl Crush #1: Lily-Rose Depp


Yes, this beauty has already featured on here, but truthfully, I would find it very difficult to find someone who out competes her. The fact that she is younger than me and already 925790425 times more beautiful, successful and fashion-savvy, makes me really want to become her BFF and figure out all her secrets. In short, if you don’t know her – get to know her. Despite her Dad’s fame she remains cool and collected and is in full charge of what she wants from life. Actress for several non-mainstream films, open about being on the LGBT spectrum and the fresh face of Chanel, it is clear that at 17 she has set her self up for a wonderful and authentic life. Basically Lily is epic and is well worthy of being your #girlcrush too. Xx



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