I am starting to get excited.

Summer is near, the days are getting longer and happy little projects are on their way.

In a few weeks something exciting is going to start, and I want you to be a part of it.

If you are a blogger yourself, someone who loves to write or be creative with other mediums, someone who believes in self love and girl power, or even just someone who wants to collaborate and spread their own passions – I invite you. 

Envision a collaborative platform of writers and creatives with an epic twist of old and new, but I won’t give away too much. 

To the movers and shakers of society who want to spread love around the world, honour the old and enrichen the platform of new ideas, and, of course be apart of something super cool, let me know. 

From wherever you are around the globe, diversity will only enhance this project. 

Email me at maddiemason5@gmail.com or message me via any form of social media if you want to be let in on the secret and join this little big adventure. 💌


P.s: You must be prepared to be an active writer, other than that, there’s no limits