Action from Inspiration

You know what’s important? Being inspired, being inspired in all areas of our lives.  And what goes hand in hand with inspiration? Role models.

To start, I must point out I don’t mean inspiration in just merely scrolling through Instagram or Tumblr, seeing photos of people you follow and tricking yourself into thinking that you are sufficiently inspired.  

We can all say we are inspired to “make a difference” or to “be fitter” or “eat healthier”.  However, what is key, is that we don’t leave inspiration sitting in these words.  There is something even more important than being inspired, and that is taking action from our inspiration. 

I love having role models, I love having people in my day to day life and also those who I follow online, people who are constantly inspiring me to better myself.  However, I also think we must be careful in what we admire.  Don’t just look at people and think, wow her hair is amazing, she’s so fit, so pretty, so smart, so healthy, so funny.  I know this is a difficult request to make, I know because I think these thoughts too.  

The point that I think is important to stress is that instead of looking at our role models and thinking these things, we must identify the qualities that we admire and then think further.  

What actions have these people taken?  Instead of admiring someone because they have gorgeous hair, or because they are fit or because they are smart, look at them and think, wow she must take really good care of her hair, they must be really dedicated to their sport, she must put a lot of effort into her school work. 

It is in this slight alteration to our mentality that the magic lies.  When we realize that our role models are just normal hard working people like us, that is when the inspiration they provide becomes so utterly practical. 

What is it that you admire about your role models? I encourage you to give your answers in verbs! 

How did they become the person you so much admire? Try to look past the initial visage, peel them back and imagine the steps they’ve taken to be where they are today.  People are not 2D cut outs, people do things.  Don’t just look at a 2D photo and think 2D thoughts, instead admire people for the positive actions that have made them into who they are. 

I love this perspective because I can look at my role models and think, yes they are awesome but with a little more time, that will be me too.  When you use inspiration to take action, you start to see your own improvements and your own achievements.  It is just not your role models who are amazing, you are amazing too and you will amaze yourself.

Being inspired is important, role models are important.  So look at your role models and be inspired, but I challenge you to be inspired with verbs, be inspired by what they do.  


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