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Supreme x Louis Vuitton Collaboration.

I’m still screaming. This collaboration is  perfect proof that streetwear and high fashion can come together to produce a product which is edgy and yet can still satisfy a diverse audience. Soon I’ll start crying, as I’ll realise that owning any of these items is near impossible due to both labels’ notoriously high prices. Nevertheless, this is a collab which dreams are made of and a first on the fashion scene.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 8.19.30 pm.png

Gucci Snakes

No, not the rap by Tyga. I am obsessed with the Gucci snake print, whether it is the GG Mervielles Snake Print Bag or the Princetown leather slippers – I WANT IT ALL. Definitely my fashion inspo this month.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 8.21.12 pm.png

Jaded Lodon

I have recently discovered Jaded – via my fashion crush Sarah Snyder – and think it is so epic! Discovering their edgy designs inspired by both American and Asian streetwear at affordable prices was like stumbling across a gold mine – definitely a label to check out.


This month I have been doing a lot of creating – painting, sewing, craft or doodles for The Love Club – so I have been relying on mellow mixes and tracks that aren’t invasive enough to distract me. I love the new tracks from The xx and I’ve been been playing Youth Lagoon and Bon Iver heavily also. 

I attended St Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Auckland on Monday and my all-time-favourite and super talented band Glass Animals absolutely killed it. It’s not often you get to see (and meet) all four of your beautiful future husbands in one night (!!). I have a new love for American indie-rock band Whitney and the enchanting Aurora. Overall the festival was one of the best days in my entire 18 year existence and I plan to attend every year until I’m at least 80.




I am no way a make up guru or dermatologist, but I do have some (life changing) recommendations.


– Skincare:

Triology Gentle Facial Exfoliant: Rosehip, jojoba and camelia combine to form a gentle and polishing exfoliant for your face. This leaves my skin feeling so smooth as doesn’t sting or irritate it when my skin is dry. Plus no plastic microbeads means the environment will thank you too!



Dermalogica Skin Health Heroes Set: I got this little trio for a gift recently and I know I am going to have to invest in the full sized products already (!). These are perfect for travelling, the primer is hydrating and keeps your skin looking bright and flawless and the toner is always a go-to when you need to hydrate and refresh your skin.




 – Makeup:

Eye of Horus Isis Sun Goddess Shadow Palette: I’m not a massive makeup wearer, but when I do make an effort to look nice I usually always go for a bronzed look (I cannot do a smokey eye to save myself). The bronze, gold and pink metallic shades are super pigmented, don’t crease and last for hours.



I’m not going to lie, I did binge terribly on sugary and unhealthy foods over the Christmas holiday period. I’m slowly getting back on track however, with my favourite summer snacks being Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water, fresh cherries and my latest obssession – homemade Kumara (sweet potato) fries – which you can find a DELICIOUS recipe here.

Good things:

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 5.49.34 pm.png

Women’s March:

Seeing millions of women and men, young and old march for our rights, safety and health of our families made me so so proud and hopeful, not only that I am a woman, but also that there is still fight and kindness left within so many of us.

The Love Club:

The Love Club is already growing! With more beautiful members, writers and creatives, Lupus&Luna is becoming a home to so many wonderful people. Plus we now have cute one-of-a-kind patches made for you to stick wherever you like! Check them out under The Love Club menu.

Birthday celebrations:


Incase you missed it, Lupus and Luna celebrated 1 year recently (!) and we gave away a whole year of Yen magazine to a lucky reader. With thousands of views, lovely followers and talented contributors, this year has been incredible. Thank you to everyone for your support, Love from Lupus & Luna Xx.


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