5 unconventional ways to say “I love you”

Valentines day is lurking, and for those of use with a significant other this means that no matter how casual you consider your relationship to be – this day still commands a fair amount of expectation. 

I think there’s a fair amount of us who are well deterred from generic, lovey-dovey kinda sh*t. So hello fellow haters, this post is for you. Let’s say “I love you” better than a box of supermarket-bought chocolates

1. Make Breakfast Together

Breakfast is undoubtedly the best meal of the day, and with the whole dinner date idea being so overdone, why not start the morning making pancakes, pastries or fruit smoothies with your valentine. Eat breakfast in bed with pyjamas and a good relaxing playlist – what heart could not be won over?

2. Go Camping

Less of the material items, more of the experiences. Queue loads of blankets, good snacks, star gazing, long conversations and a good view.

3. Take them on a hike

What’s that stupid saying again? “Couples that sweat together, stay together” – or something terrible like that right?? LOL. Well anyway, I’m going to take that basic advice for my next idea. Plan a day walk with your date, pack a picnic, lots of water and a camera to snap some funny memories. Exercise is the perfect way to stimulate good conversations and encourage friendly competition in a completely authentic and natural setting, in other words, you might be a little sweaty – but at least you’re being yourself.  

4. Buy Tickets To Concert or Gig

If any of your favourite artists touring near you this year, a cool and non-cringe-worthy gift idea is to get your valentine tickets to see a band they love or even just a local gig. It means a night out full of music, dancing and passion – why bother with candlelit dinners when you can rave together?

5. Get Creative

Take the day off together and spend it painting, creating sculptures or giving your furniture make-overs, coming up with new cocktail recipes, writing music, gardening together, buying plants for your house, visiting local art exhibits – the options are endless. 


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