5 minutes with Rose Ackland

Auckland native and fashion designer Rose Ackland talks to us about her love for vintage, what it’s like to start your own label and her favourite things about Beach Knickers. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 3.22.54 pm.png

Tell us about yourself, your label and how it all came to be:

My name is Rose I am 22 years old, I grew up in Tauranga and moved to Auckland 4 years ago to study fashion design at AUT. I started beach knickers after graduating design school in an effort to keep creating and using all the skills I had learnt over those 3 years studying. 

The Beach Knickers collection sports several vintage-inspired elements – including gingham, ruffles and bloomers. Did this all stem from your personal style?

My mum has always taken me op shopping since I was young and it became my favourite thing to do on the weekends since I was probably 12. The style of Beach Knickers definitely comes from my personal style, I love vintage clothing and usually only buy second-hand. 

Beach Knickers began after completing fashion school, what was both the hardest and most rewarding thing about bringing your own label to life?

The hardest thing about starting a label is putting all of your money into it, it’s not cheap to have things made in NZ, but totally worth it! The best thing is seeing people wear it, seeing people posting photos of them selves wearing it on Instagram, you know someone feels good if they post a pic!

How did you dream up the name for your label?

Coming up with names for things is one of my favourite things, Beach Knickers is pretty literal I feel but it works! knickers.. for the beach! 

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 3.25.18 pm.png

Beach Bloomers Set in Olive


Do you have a favourite piece or design from your collection?

I live in all of the designs from this last collection, I wear the bloomers every night and on days when I don’t want to get dressed. I wear the nighties when its hot! and i haven’t Bought a new bikini in 2 years because i live in Beach Knickers. 

Describe your happy place…

My happy place sitting under the plum trees at my parents house.

If you had to jump on a plane tomorrow, where would you go?


I am grateful for…

I am grateful for my family.

If you could do a different job for a day, what would it be?

A nurse.

When I’m not designing, I am…

When I’m not working on Beach Knickers I am at the beach.

What does 2017 have install for both yourself and Beach Knickers?

2017! I am so excited for winter Beach Knickers, I am making more clothes and its everything I want to be wearing right now, long dresses, printed tees and fun fabrics. 


Beach Knickers Set


You can shop the Beach Knickers Collection here or find them on Instagram here. Xx


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