I’m back and you know what that means, new zodiac sign new star sign songs! This playlist describes exactly how I’ve been feeling lately; an absolute mess. I hope you like this fusion of R&B, rap, indie and old school tracks. It’s a strange combination but in my very biased opinion it’s a beautiful mess.

|A|rabella- Arctic Monkeys

|R|edbone- Childish Gambino

|I|ce melts- Drake

|E|verywhere- Fleetwood Mac

|S|omeday- Peace

Aries you may just continue with what’s been working well this year. However, as the year progresses, boredom and ambition may both grow. By December you may have positioned yourself to make a big move to begin something radically different.

P.s you can listen to all of the star sign songs on spotify by searching for the playlist starsignsongs ! 

I hope this month gives you time to have a breather and catch up on your favourite shows∇

Gaia Aurora