Is it healthy?

Allowing ourselves to let our habits and lifestyle choices revolve around three months of the year?

Exercising solely for the intent of being able to wear a bikini on the beach?

Changing our mindset temporarily and then disregarding it for the other nine months?

The answer is a definitive no. As the temperature slowly rises and the days lengthen it has an unquestionable affect on many of our moods. For many of us, we feel more productive, inspired and motivated to look after ourselves, radically changing our diet and exercise routines.

This wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t such a transient lifestyle change. It is unhealthy to be solely motivated on improving you body image and it is unhealthy to temporarily significantly restrict or alter your food intake. Although we may want to harness this surge of motivation, ensure you are doing so for the right reasons. Think longterm, think lifestyle changes rather than short term aesthetic goals and learn to love looking after and prioritising your health.

Summer is a perfect time to start practising mindfulness and healthy habits, but Autumn is a convenient but wasted time to stop. Your calorie intake does not grant you permission to wear certain swimwear styles and you should not let a season determine your mindset. Summer is for fun, relaxation and all the beach trips and adventures that come with it. Start and sustain a healthy routine, enjoy yourself and ensure it doesn’t require lifestyle changes so strict that you are unable to keep them up. Being healthy is a state of mind, not a temporary membership. There is no reason why you cannot be an active, driven and a conscious consumer all year round, we just need to escape the short term framework we are currently tied to. If you are looking for a healthy foundation for a longterm lifestyle change, consider any of the following;

  • Wake up earlier – make the most of summer sunrises and being outdoors, this will set you in good stead for when waking up is a burden in winter.
  • Boost your diet – by adding in fresh seasonal produce, get enthusiastic and practice new healthy recipes. Keep this curiosity up all year round.
  • Find a workout partner – make a pack that you are in it for the long haul.
  • Drink more water – buy a new, reusable drink bottle that will last for ages, and ensure you refill it at least once a day. This is a perfect way to incorporate a permanent, easy and healthy diet change. 

Let’s sustain our summer frame of mind, all year round.


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