How & why setting your alarm that little bit earlier is awesome.


Sure, snoozing your alarm and rolling back over to sleep is always the easy option – but we all know that easy doesn’t necessarily equate to being the best. Getting up early and parting ways with your bed is hard, but is definitely a valuable and healthy habit to practise.

Being a “morning person”, “early bird” or, “freak” is definitely in my genetics. Despite this seemingly unfair advantage, I can definitely fall out of habit when I’m super busy, overloaded or stressed. Although relaxing is a definite necessity in life, so is the ability to be productive and stick to a healthy routine. 

In order for me to get into routine wake up times, I focus when and how I fall asleep.

  • Going to bed even thirty to forty-five minutes earlier than usual will make a surprising difference to how willing you are to wake up the next day.
  • Reading always helps me to feel sleepy, meaning I fall in to a deep sleep much faster than if I was scrolling through Instagram before bed. 
  • If you are in the “rain-on-a-tin-roof” fan club, try apps like Rain Rain.
  • Even Apple’s own Bedtime feature ensures that you rise and sleep at the same time each day, which will help kickstart this healthy habit.


So if you’re still not convinced, let’s look at the perks of being an early riser:

  • Achieving something – a workout, an extra hour of study or a beach walk – before everyone else is even awake
  • Sunrises
  • Sets you in good stead for continuing a productive day & allows you to achieve your goals early, so you can’t make excuses to avoid them in the afternoon
  • Starting the day with a gym class or a walk kickstarts + up-regulates your metabolism
  • Early starts give you more time to get organised – whether it be completing weekly meal prep, sorting through emails or preparing a nutritious breakfast – having more time in the morning is sure to enhance your day

Ready to take the leap? Start 2018 by being energised, organised and productive.

See you at 6am.



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