Welcome to my happy place, my creative outlet, my little corner of the web where I can share my love for health & fitness, mindfulness and the latest lifestyle trends. 

I am an English born, New Zealand bred creative & student, studying biomedical science and especially passionate about nutrition and fitness. I work hard to look after myself – whether it be by getting physically active, nourishing my body with wholesome foods or mentally – by being mindful & perceptive of my own thoughts. I hope I can inspire you all to look after yourself too.

Like many creatives, my thoughts are intense and erratic – and my identity is ever-changing. I don’t like to force creativity or schedule my ideas, therefore, please be patient as this site continues to evolve and grow, just as I am doing myself.

Get creative, workout with me or join me in my kitchen to create some epic & affordable creations – all in one place,

The Love Club.

Maddie Xx



Maddie @The Love Club can be reached via email:


for questions, comments, commissions & collaborations.

About The Love Club:

MIND LOVE – a place for empowerment, mindfulness & meditation to look after your mental health

LIFE LOVE – a place to scratch the surface of life; bringing you the best in music, fashion and introducing you to empowering & creative people

BODY LOVE – a place to find fitness inspiration, workouts which are challenging but accessible & encouragement to celebrate your body and maximise your physical wellbeing

FOOD LOVE – a place focused on creating delicious recipes from fresh, organic and sustainable ingredients. 

The Love Club is our place.

We hope to see you often. Xx



I love collaborating with companies whose values I strongly align with to create beautiful imagery for promotional and advertising purposes. I have over 3 years experience in the communications, writing and styling industry and am comfortable working to a brief or freelancing. I specialise in product styling, flat-lay photography, and the generation of images suitable for social platforms such as Instagram. 

As a biomedical science and nutrition student with a passion for healthy, delicious food, a lot of my collaborations centre around recipe creation and food styling of specific products.

With my background in writing I am also open to writing reviews or product feedback for companies.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the-love-club@outlook.com for questions and enquiries.


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