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my monthly haul: january 16

I have decided to share my newfound vintage treasures with you each month. All of us girls, however much we proclaim to be “non-basic”,  are all addicted to buying things and spending a lot of money. My shopping addiction comes in the musty, crinkled and cheaper form, however. Here are my secondhand vintage finds from this month, where I got them from and how to style them. Hopefully it inspires you to run down to your local Salvation Army store or local charity shop and relish in the many outfit possibilities that each secondhand store harbours. Xx

(all purchasing sites are New Zealand owned and operated and are in NZD)


Backwards caps, graphic tees, baggy jeans and white sneakers are the essence of a cool, casual skater girl from back in the seventies. Oversized jeans and tees work best together for this look and create an easy but epic everyday outfit.

Ben Hogan Hat – $4 – Save Mart (Local Thrift Store)

Toronto Tee – $4 – Save Mart

Levi’s High Waisted Jeans – $35 – Scrap Vintage Store

White Sneakers – $9 – Save Mart



These dresses are so cheap, so elegant and so easy to style. Dress them up with retro heels and a coat, or down with sneakers and a belt.

Gold, Red and Purple Dresses – $3 – Save Mart

White and Yellow Adidas Sneakers – $30 – Walk in Wardrobe via Facebook

Black Leather Bag – $14 – Walk in Wardrobe via Facebook

Chunky Retro Heels – $9 – Save Mart



Another simple but rad look to turn you into a fashion-forward tourist look alike wherever your location. Accessorise a tourist tee with a shoulder bag, hat and sneakers to complete the look.


HARD ROCK MAUI TSHIRT – $50 – Magic Hollow

Levi’s High Waisted Jeans – $35 – Scrap Vintage Store

Brown Smiley Bag – $4 – Save Mart



Dungarees are a true blessing to this world. Anyone who dons a pair of these denim beauties instantly becomes a style goddess. Pair with a baggy graphic tee and white sneakers for some seriously cool street-style.

Calvin Klein Dungarees – $20 – Trade Me

White Graphic Tee – $9 – Recycle Boutique

White Sneakers – $9 – Save Mart


how to score the best secondhand styles

For those who aren’t into it, thrift shopping seems boring, gross, pointless or simply a great big waste of time. For those of us who are however, the hours spent searching through racks of musty dresses, finding the perfect denim and scoring 233512 different outfits for less than thirty dollars are all reasons why we know that thrift stores are a true blessing to this world.

Believe it or not, finding the best secondhand threads requires patience, imagination and a fair bit of talent. In order to help and encourage the world to embrace op-shops and thrift our hearts out, I have put together a few tips in order to ensure your next op-shop outing is a success.


image source


1. DO be brave and persevere with any item if YOU like it. It may be either not quite perfect, you think it is too wacky to wear or maybe you totally dig it but it’s a little baggy. Firstly, you do you, and you wear whatever the hell you like. Whether it’s a sequinned mini or a patchwork jacket – there’s seriously nothing cooler than someone who breaks the mainstream mold of fashion, and does it with killer confidence (!!!). Secondly, don’t part with those beautifully faded boyfriend jeans if they are a little too big around the waist – we have become a generation that no longer fixes things, replacing our clothes has become the easy way out. There’s nothing that a good belt, a pair of scissors or a few stitches can’t fix, so if you love it, mend it and make it yours!


image source

2. DON’T buy for the brand. Ugh, every naïve op-shoppers common mistake. It’s so easy to look at thrift stores as a place to score designer brands and well-known labels at a fraction of the price, but in reality, you’re missing the whole point of what thrifting is truly about. Create you own look, regardless of the label. Some of my favourite clothes are probably the most crummy, cheap brands but seriously they can look a million and one times cooler, simply because you can make them your own.


image source

3. DO venture over to the menswear section to continue your hunt for vintage gold. I’ll admit that about 85% of my wardrobe is actually comprised of men’s t-shirts or jackets. Don’t let this segregation of clothing stop you from discovering the coolest graphic tees or oversized denim jackets, seriously, there’s plenty of gold in there.


image source

4. DON’T go with impatient, judgemental or narrow-minded friends who fail to see potential and possibility in your selection of secondhand goodies. Seriously this is a place where you need your own freedom and have no limitations or anyone judging your choices (otherwise you may as well just be a mainstream gal and shop at a department store or something). I basically only thrift with my sisters because we are all into the weird and wacky and aren’t afraid to throw on tartan skirts or orange turtlenecks and laugh at ourselves.


image source

5. DO spend hours upon hours trawling through every pair of jeans, bags and sweatshirts just to find that one perfect fit. Patience is the key to success with thrifting and I can honestly say those who get into it and are determined will get seriously carried away! Set aside a couple of hours and don’t leave any part of the store untouched, it truly pays off when/if you score a rad outfit.


image source

6. DON’T buy things just because they are super cheap. Only buy what you absolutely LOVE and if you’ll actually wear it (I sound like your mother, I’m sorry). It’s so easy to fall in to the trap of buying things simply because of their $2 price tag. If you don’t love it, you won’t wear it (let’s be realistic). Don’t suffocate in regret and unwanted outfits, save that spare cash for something you really, truly, honestly dig – even if it means that you’ll wear it everyday for the next month.

** I will be doing a haul of all my vintage and secondhand finds each month (starting soon) and discussing prices and how I style them, so watch this space (!!). **

six sweet treats from the sixties

My mother is a bit of a hoarder, a trait which I have seemingly inherited also. I, as many people would, first saw this as an undesirable attribute to have. However, my intense love of dated, authentic items that fill my house’s bookshelves, wardrobes and drawers has made me appreciate that the strong attachment and long-term possession of old vintage goodies may actually be one of the best quirks in my character.

This year one of my resolutions was to spend more time cooking, baking and just creating good food at home. Upon rifling through recipe books, I found my mum’s ancient, but beautiful old cookbook – it was published in 1969(!) so she would’ve been too young to even read when she got it. I praise her now for holding on to it, and you will too if you decide to make any of these tasty treats. Get baking and fill your kitchen with the popular scents of the sixties with these modern takes on the original yummy recipes, inspired by her little cookbook. Happy cooking!



Butterfly cupcakes are seriously the cutest kind of cupcake you’ll ever eat! Orange, chocolate and vanilla flavour topped with jam were popular in the sixties. Ask your parents what their favourite was, they’ll probably be overwhelmed by nostalgia if you ever bake these. Here is a modernised recipe for some delicious and dainty Chocolate Butterfly Cakes.


Such an easy, yummy and different treat to make anytime! Toffee Apples are becoming a thing of the past, with brownies and slices taking over the baking scene. Bring them back because in just twenty minutes you can have crunchy toffee apples setting in your fridge! Find a simple but crazy good recipe here.


Move over macaroons! These shortbread-like treats were an iconic presence in any sixties kitchen. Easy, quick and very rewarding, these little treats are perfect for a vintage inspired baking afternoon. Find the recipe here, you won’t regret it (!).


A real vintage classic that is both easy and can be made with so many different flavour infusions! I am a massive fan of Coffee Fudge Cake, it’s so evil but yet so good. You can find heaps of vintage cake recipes, including a wicked fudge cake right here!


Butterscotch was around way before the sixties, but came increasingly popular in that era. It is such a simple but crazy good treat that us 21st century teenagers have really missed out on! Try this highly recommended Old English Butterscotch right now.


Growing up, I have literally devoured thousands of fluffy raspberry buns, smeared with pink icing. However, this common treat has evolved from a very different form. Here is the original recipe, which I think is even better than our modern day version (you can thank me later).

five vintage outfits that you can thrift yourself

Living in a small, judgemental town can be the most irritating thing. Not only do bad reputations and harsh comments spread quickly, but we become literal clones of one another and originality becomes scarce. I am in no way a high fashion expert, (the 76 cents in my bank account is really to blame for me missing out on the latest RUBY pieces and all the funky Karen Walker sunglasses) but we are suffocating in white converse, lonely hearts long sleeves and the new breed of the New York Yankees caps beginning to emerge on our high street.

**I sound like I’m adding to the judgement, so I am sorry if I have offended anyone. Owning any of those items (and I am guilty of harbouring my own mainstream supply of t-shirts too) is by no means a bad thing, it probably just means you either have funds or that’s just simply what you dig.** 

This year I have decided to care no more and literally embrace my passions, interests and now share them/bore you with them too. In order to encourage and inspire originality, I have put together five super cheap, super unique and super rad outfits that I have found in local thrift stores myself. Fashion does not have to be expensive or mainstream to be accepted or considered cool. Be as weird and as wacky with it as you would like to be, and I can assure you that you’ll save money, have more fun and look like no other. I hope you find even a small spark of inspiration to break the boring and overkilled fashion trends and bring back some super cool street style.


IMG_2429My favourite casual look at the moment is a big baggy printed t-shirt paired with my Levi denim shorts and my worn out Nike Air Forces. All were miraculously found by either me or my sister on an Op-shop outing. Seriously you can’t go wrong with a somewhat ugly/somewhat super funky tourist t-shirt, even with some unknown or undesirable location on it. That’s what makes it original (!!). If you can’t find any good denim shorts for this look, cutting a pair of well-fitting jeans will give you the look you’re after. The chance of finding funky shoes and them also being in your size has a similar likelihood of you winning the lottery, but it does, and can happen. Try looking in slightly more upmarket/in town thrift stores like Recycle Boutique for shoes, as they are more likely to be in better condition (as these stores can reject unsellable items) and a more flattering and funky style.



This is a super easy, super vintage chic outfit and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. These silk dresses can be found in the dress or even the pyjama section of any op-shop as they are often originally night dresses (kinda gross but whatever, they look cool), plus look awesome paired with any old brown belts you find. Metallic shades like gold create the best vintage look that can be both cool and casual or classy enough for a night out so definitely grab that spare change and invest in one right now (!!).



If you don’t dig dungarees, honestly there’s something seriously wrong with you. This outfit makes for the funkiest everyday look is still super affordable. Hunting for a perfect pair of dungarees is no easy feat, but a fair share of us have got lucky and are now living proof that it can happen. I always prefer full length dungarees, but shorter legged dungarees are still so rad and are more practical for summer. As for the turtlenecks, seriously don’t be afraid to grab a shocking mustard shade or any colour that resembles something near to vomit – If you can rock it then it will rock! Just be daring and embrace that geeky high-necked look.



I seriously just love to encase myself in the fur that thrift stores harbour. Although they can be pricey or must-scented, where else would you find the most rad and fluffy jackets? For a chic sixties look pairing fur and crushed velvet tanks or mini skirts are seriously the coolest combination. Think red lipstick, leather boots and silver jewellery and you’re basically sussed for a good night out looking like a classy sixties chick.



I love the nineties hip-hop fashion and everything that era entailed. That is probably also why I think people look so wicked in classic adidas tracksuits, old school sneakers and baggy sporty shirts. It’s seriously the look to go for when you don’t give a shit but at the same time you actually do give a shit about being ultra comfy and looking rad at the same time. Find a retro cap to finish off this old school fashion masterpiece and you’ll soon find yourself looking fresher than Will Smith himself back in Bel-Air.

the best old movies for the best summer movie nights

1. When you want to be inspired and appreciate some good music

across_the_universe_003-1024x680ACROSS THE UNIVERSE

This is my absolute favourite movie. Although it isn’t actually that old, this British-American musical, set in the late sixties, is centered around the works of The Beatles and contains a soundtrack of so many original compositions. Reshaping our typical modern day romance plotline, this movie follows the most epic and edgy romantic story that parallels to the gritty and raw reality of the Vietnam War, which is occurring at the time. Full of surreal graphics, hippy vibes and visual effects that defined the sixties, this film is a literal arty, musical masterpiece . WATCH THIS NOW.

2. When you need to be reminded exactly why Marilyn Monroe was the sexiest woman of her time



This 1959 American Comedy will literally make you fall in love with Marilyn, your curves and laugh the shitty special effects that they had back then. The plot itself is entertaining also, so you definitely need to watch this is if you are a fan of old classics.

3. When you want to watch a classic horror 

psychoPSYCHO (1960)

Alfred Hitchcock is literally a genius director and set the bar high for all horror movies that followed this one. Although you may cringe at the dated special effects, the plot is actually original (compared to the other modern day horror movie trash) and this makes for a super good choice for your next movie night. 

4. If you want to be overwhelmed by wanderlust and the need to escape our lame modern day society

into-the-wild2INTO THE WILD 

Again, this one isn’t exactly old, but it definitely is gold. Christopher McCandless graduates from university with the opportunity of embarking on a prestigious and profitable career but instead he chooses to give his savings to charity and set out into the Alaskan wilderness, leaving behind all his possessions. Not only has this movie got some super important morals but it also has a wicked sound track by Eddie Vedder. This is definitely one of the best movies I have ever watched. It stays with you for a long time.

5. When you need to appreciate Audrey Hepburn, her killer eyebrows and natural beauty



This 1953 film is both a comedy and a romance and is a must see if you’re a fan of Audrey. Audrey Hepburn plays a misfit royal princess who runs away from her embassy in Rome. She falls asleep on a bench, where a reporter, Jo Bradley, oblivious to her royalty, takes her in for the night. Since it’s a romance, you can guess what happens next (hint: they fall in love and go on adventures all around Rome). It has a really clever ending too, so I would praise this movie for being both clever and slightly mushy at times.

6. When you are in need of an old school chick flick to watch and fall in love with


Although the entire female population has probably already seen this film, this 1999 romantic comedy is literally a movie you can never get tired of, that and the fact that the beautiful Heath Ledger is in it (!!). 

7. If you love the 1970’s fashion, music and vibes

almost_famous_1600x900ALMOST FAMOUS

Although at times cringe worthy, this comedy drama is seriously the coolest if you love the 70’s and everything that it entails. Think flares, mini skirts and clashing prints. So, so cool. 

summer tunes

In order to be as interesting and inclusive to you all as possible, I thought I would begin on a topic we all can relate to currently, at least for those of us existing in the Southern Hemisphere. Summer is undoubtedly my favourite season, not just for the increased temperatures or outings to the beach, but for the newfound carefree and blissful atmosphere that seems to engulf everyone on December first. So here are a few of my summer essentials that I rely on throughout my ninety day utopian escape.


For me, I have definitely got into the seasonal playlist obsession, so I know when any of my beloved or undiscovered indie bands start blaring that summer has truly begun. For those who don’t know me I would undoubtedly appear as some lame, wannabe-alty muso, but through my hourlong youtube trawls and obsession with my Dad’s old rock music, I have started to amount quite an unusual, unique but rad (in my opinion) collection of tunes. Here are some of my summer favourites.

glassanimalspressGLASS ANIMALS


Black Mambo



Anyone close to me knows that I am OBSESSED with these guys. I stumbled across them on youtube and have fallen in love with their sound. I can’t fault any of their songs so definitely, definitely check these guys out if you’ve never heard of them, they won’t disappoint. 




Forever and Always loyal to this band. Unfortunately for me, the global obsession with Breezeblocks has meant it has been overplayed and is now less endearing, but the other less well known songs (although they are all pretty popular) on An Awesome Wave like MS are definitely still up there in my long list of summer favourites.

angus-julia-stone-general-1ANGUS AND JULIA STONE

Grizzly Bear

My Word For It

Heart Beats Slow

My siblings are pretty cool, but the coolest sibling award hands down goes to these two. They are both incredibly talented Australian singers and have a really soft, funky sound that just radiates that summer loving. (I can’t believe I just said something so cringe). (But there is truth in that sentence OK).

2015CatfishAndTheBottlemen_Glastonbury2015_JH_11_260615CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN


Yes another British band, and yes, another golden discovery. Breaking away from the softer, indie tunes, these guys are a rock band you definitely should go and discover for yourself and play their music quite loud. They are awesome.

sticky-fingers-longSTICKY FINGERS

Kiss the breeze

Another longtime favourite, my list would be infinite if I listed every song I loved by them. This is a current goldie on the playlist.



Junk Of The Heart (Happy)

Sorry for engulfing you with British bands (but go Angus and Julia and Sticky for supporting down under) but seriously they all have this unquestionable talent for producing insanely good music (I’m British myself so I should probably get writing, lmao). You seriously cannot go wrong with any song from these guys.




Okay these guys are a Welsh rock band this time, so a slight point of difference here. I owe it to my Dad for introducing me to them, and their sound will forever remind me of summer days at home. IVER


I wouldn’t say their sound is my favourite but I do like this one. Sometimes I feel like I can’t follow their songs at all, but I do find an occasional goodie from this band.

1983-neon-trees-16910846-1920-1080NEON TREES



Neon Trees has countless really upbeat and feel good songs to get you going whenever and whatever. 

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