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Moody Tunes

Hey pretty people,
So, I have a bunch of music on spare, organised into chills n thrills playlists (Rubes, you have too much time on your hands) and I thought I could put them into some form of use and share them with ya’ll beauties in Moody Tunes.
I can’t come up with any creative reason to supply regularly, so I figured the first playlist I could share could follow my last post ‘Recipe for Ecstasy’. (They’re quite varied, different sounds get me)
My idea of melodic ecstasy is the vision that comes with the sound, and if it takes you to the top of a hill watching a sunset or elsewhere more suited to you, then you’ve found it.
Without further procrastination…

Here is my idea Melodic Ecstasy,

  1. Maggot Brain – Funkedelic
  2. Celestial – Tori Kelly
  3. Lilac Wine – Jeff Buckley
  4. On Melancholy Hill – The Gorillaz
  5. Eternal Sunshine – Jhene Aiko
  6. Bron-Yr-Aur – Led Zeppelin
  7. Nothing – @Peace
  8. Pansy Walts – Shakey Graves
  9. Fingerprints – Hiatus Kaiyote
  10. Elusive – Lianne La Havas
  11. Find Your Wings – Tyler The Creator
  12. Pyramids – Frank Ocean (John Mayer guitar solo)
  13. Sooth Lady Wine – Matt Corby
  14. Man On The Moon – Moses Sumney
  15. Cars Hiss By My Window – The Doors



Star sign songs: Pisces

It’s been a while and it’s now time for another #starsignsongs ! This past month has been hectic so why not wind down and listen to this Pisces Playlist.

|P|ractice- Drake

|I| Feel- Bad Sounds

|S|ex- The 1975

|C|ola- Lana Del Rey

|E|thiopia- Red Hot Chilli Peppers

|S|he- The Jesus And Mary Chain

Charge right through that long to-do list this coming month get organized a day or two before and then clear your plate of things that have been lingering to get done for weeks. The bigger the dream, the greater the risk of unforeseen consequences and that’s just what makes you Pisces so brave!

Have a magical month and get listening to the Pisces Playlist<3

Gaia Aurora


Recipe For Ecstasy

Correct me if I’m wrong (please correct me) but humanity seems to have forgotten the importance of prioritising their happiness. All I ever see is people falling into this typical 9-5 job (Just. Over. Broke) bullshit just to stay afloat, giving away their time and energy to a programmed monetary supply that isn’t even breaking even, let along supporting exactly what they deserve?  But we grasp with rope burnt hands onto every opportunity to get as “chockas” as we can on the weekends. Only we arrive back on Monday to rinse and repeat (some without even rinsing). I understand it’s the easy/ only way out, to have ‘fun’, to socialise and maintain your so-called sanity. But through this ‘boxed’ idea of what our life is and should be, we’ve become numb to the true reason we’re here – and my personal belief is that that reason is for us to have some fun, bitch. But real fun, real true experiences that flare a level of happiness that makes your toes curl, your hidden goose bumps rise and unacknowledged tears to erupt, due to a temporary moment of disbelief that something could be so euphorically beautiful, amusing or stimulating.

How many times have you experienced ecstasy. No not the drug, silly duffer, but the meaning behind the name of the drug?

1. Intense joy or delight.
2. A state of emotion so intense that one is carried beyond rational thought and self-control.
3. The trance, frenzy, or rapture associated with mystic or prophetic exaltation.
4. Often Ecstasy Slang MDMA.

I must say, I think I have the upper hand with consistency of pleasantries that I’m presented with. But my muscles of perspective have grown strong over the past few years, to the point where any positive or negative instance that occurs towards me or towards others; I see my option to choose to appreciate it.

I like to think of it as earning points in the Game of Life, and our prize for passing that check point of detachment is this reward of perspective awareness. I think maybe once we understand that true feeling of gratitude when presented with an experience to evaluate and disregard or appreciate, you will be presented with continuous experiences in which we are given to learn from. The situations you are given may not all be good, but if you can observe your life from a distance and gather the lessons and wisdom you are given through that hardship, you will be rewarded. Richly rewarded.

This is where it becomes your choice to what road you want to walk. Kind of like that scene in The Simpsons, where Homer is confronted with his options of floating down the treacherous, terrifying river or the one flooded with rainbows and flowers and unicorns. I mean, majority of us would choose the unicorns, right? Wrong. Most choose the dark river because it’s what our system has weaved us to believe it’s all we deserve, endure, and survive through. Life isn’t even about living any more it’s all just survival and fear of death. Although we’re simultaneously, subconsciously waiting to die, to get that ‘big break’ of enjoyment and relaxation when we get to heaven. I know you are wondering “where’s my big break? / Do I get a big break?” or even “Am I fucking crazy for wanting more out of what I’m told is the way of life?”.
I also understand it’s hard when we feel like don’t have an option, without this tool that was created – money.

But suppose we could eliminate the funds from the fun. Say we took the time out of our day to appreciate what we do have, whether it be great uplifting friends or that you live five minutes from the beach or complimenting someone else’s confidence and achievements. Your appreciation holds the ability to stimulate the creation, and that is where the fun comes into play.
It’s where ‘what do I have?’ meets ‘I love everything I allow for myself’ which starts ‘I know what I deserve’ and creates the cycle of ‘what else can I do now that will make my heart even happier?’.
The recipe for ecstasy my fellow humans!!!

I had my first confirmation in fact, on New Year’s morning 2017, when I was thrown a scene of complete bliss. I may or may not have been under the influence along with every other person on the planet. But I can tell you this, when I saw my gorgeous friends sitting in the long flowery grass, surrounded by chirping creatures and swirly pre-climbed trees combined with a front seat, five-star view of the first rising sun of the year over a crystal-clear ocean, it would have been offensive if I have turned my eye. To neglect the perfection was literally impossible. So, I walked down to the clearest blue water to use my limited time to give gratitude, only to see the prettiest little jellyfish I ever did see (obvs this sent me over the emotional edge) and then A FUCKING BABY STRINGRAY just playing in the water alone. By this point I was unable to comprehend why I was so lucky to have the most perfect moment all to myself.  Which is where I ‘declared’ myself as a surrealist in ecstasy.
Some might say I’m ‘a little bitch’ for crying over a sunset or screaming when my favourite four seconds of a song comes on. But I honestly couldn’t disagree more (neutralising their opinion of me), as my eyes are my own and I’m going to choose to disregard any eyes that don’t agree with positivity. It’s not my fault that pessimism is their preference. Nor will I let it be my problem that they won’t allow their eyes to see real beauty or experience the ecstasy that appears only a forward step away.

Why don’t we step out of the illusion of realism and lack, and step into our authentic magical feet where the surreal opportunities lay. Because it’s time we take back the natural given rights that have been taken away from us through media and political distraction. We must find the ecstasy that’s rightfully ours.
We are all surrealists at heart and we all deserve to float in our own hole-less dingy down the unicorn stream heading towards our big break.
See you there x x


Action from Inspiration

You know what’s important? Being inspired, being inspired in all areas of our lives.  And what goes hand in hand with inspiration? Role models.

To start, I must point out I don’t mean inspiration in just merely scrolling through Instagram or Tumblr, seeing photos of people you follow and tricking yourself into thinking that you are sufficiently inspired.  

We can all say we are inspired to “make a difference” or to “be fitter” or “eat healthier”.  However, what is key, is that we don’t leave inspiration sitting in these words.  There is something even more important than being inspired, and that is taking action from our inspiration. 

I love having role models, I love having people in my day to day life and also those who I follow online, people who are constantly inspiring me to better myself.  However, I also think we must be careful in what we admire.  Don’t just look at people and think, wow her hair is amazing, she’s so fit, so pretty, so smart, so healthy, so funny.  I know this is a difficult request to make, I know because I think these thoughts too.  

The point that I think is important to stress is that instead of looking at our role models and thinking these things, we must identify the qualities that we admire and then think further.  

What actions have these people taken?  Instead of admiring someone because they have gorgeous hair, or because they are fit or because they are smart, look at them and think, wow she must take really good care of her hair, they must be really dedicated to their sport, she must put a lot of effort into her school work. 

It is in this slight alteration to our mentality that the magic lies.  When we realize that our role models are just normal hard working people like us, that is when the inspiration they provide becomes so utterly practical. 

What is it that you admire about your role models? I encourage you to give your answers in verbs! 

How did they become the person you so much admire? Try to look past the initial visage, peel them back and imagine the steps they’ve taken to be where they are today.  People are not 2D cut outs, people do things.  Don’t just look at a 2D photo and think 2D thoughts, instead admire people for the positive actions that have made them into who they are. 

I love this perspective because I can look at my role models and think, yes they are awesome but with a little more time, that will be me too.  When you use inspiration to take action, you start to see your own improvements and your own achievements.  It is just not your role models who are amazing, you are amazing too and you will amaze yourself.

Being inspired is important, role models are important.  So look at your role models and be inspired, but I challenge you to be inspired with verbs, be inspired by what they do.  

Star sign songs: Aquarius

I’m new to this blog but one thing I do know for sure is Maddie’s New Music Mondays always go down a treat with you guys. So I came up with this new thing called Star sign songs each month there will be a new playlist but for the different star signs. So enough talking for now and get listening to this months playlist!

|A|nyone else but you- The Moldy Peaches

|Q|ueen of peace- Florence + the Machine

|U|sed to be- Beach House

|A| well respected man- The Kinks

|R|un- Vampire Weekend

|I|sles- Little Comets

|U|nstoppable- Sia

|S|he- Wolf Alice

The Aquarius horoscope predictions for this year suggest that your life will take a more serious turn than it has previously. But don’t fret whilst you may be bored at times, good times are coming your way!


5 Online Stores You Won’t Be Able To Resist


For anyone who loves cats and the colour pink, Lazy Oaf is the store for you. Featuring cute embroidery and interesting textures, Lazy Oaf’s latest collection ‘Esther Loves Oaf’ in collaboration with international artist Esther Kim, is something special. One of my favourite pieces from the collection is the Heart Popper Sweatshirt. The baby pink velour sports style sweatshirt is complete with a mock neck, heart shaped zipper and to top it all of, an embroidered bunny.


UNIF is the perfect combination of girly yet skater boy. With a wide variety of patterns and designs, you are bound to find something you love. A couple of my current favourites from UNIF are the Apex Overalls, Timmy Jeans, Moss Top and the Baby Cherry Top. UNIF does tend to be more expensive but the company is family run and the items aren’t mass produced so I guess that makes up for the price. Or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself when I spend way too much money on a single pair of checkerboard printed overalls.


Magic Hollow is the perfect store if you’re after some sick vintage goodies. Every Wednesday at 5pm new items including Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, are added to the store. I recently made my first purchase, a pair of vintage Levi’s boyfriend jeans and they have quickly become an essential item in my closet. If you’re in need of a denim jacket, high waisted jeans or some groovy t-shirts I definitely recommend checking out Magic Hollow!


Golf Wang features clothing designed by Tyler, the Creator. With endless designs of t-shirts, it’s super easy to fill up your cart. Along with the affordable tees, there are also some special pieces including varieties of pants, baseball jackets, and even sweatsuits. The key to Golf Wang is to regularly check the site to see if new items have been uploaded. Currently, the store is stocked with basics (tees, crewnecks, and socks) but slowly items are being restocked.


The Ragged Priest is the ultimate store for all things denim. If you’re looking for a pair of high waisted jeans or a denim jacket with a bit of spunk, you’re looking in the right place. They stock a variety of denim pieces using different colours, embroidery, and materials. One of my favourite pieces from The Ragged Priest is the Blaze Mom Jean. These charcoal mom jeans feature a flame embroidery sitting just above the knee cut outs. Alongside all of the denim pieces, The Ragged Priest also stocks a variety of clothes that follow the same unique style as the denim range.