Since relaunching THE LOVE CLUB in December 2017 after a few months of deactivation, the site has clocked over 20,000 hits in just over 5 weeks. I have reinvented this space to now focus on fitness, health – both mental and physical, and all the latest and greatest in lifestyle, inspiration and creative media forms. 


  • Collaborated with Remix Magazine to photograph & produce advertising and promotional material for their Autumn 2016 issue
  • Photographed & styled products for local Hawke’s Bay, NZ businesses

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.22.31 am.png


  • Commissioned the piece, live, don’t just exist  for Eventbrite’s 2016 movement “Get Out More Often – GOMO”
  • Contributor to New York based My Trending stories
  • Over two years of online contribution to my own site & other personal blogs




Maddie @The Love Club can be reached via email: the-love-club@outlook.com for questions, comments, commissions & collaborations.